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Icecast autodj

A player for your stream on Android Devices. We will create it for you and we will publish it at Amazon App Store. Integration of your shoutbox, so you can communicate in real time with your listeners. Listen You and your Listeners your radio station on the go with this App. Scroll on Album Image for more. What our customers have to say 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Franck C. Hi, this email is to tell you that I am very satisfied with the service you provide.

My site is nice and sounds great. Thank you guys, I've found the host company that I was looking for so long. Henk P. Hello, I want to thank you for your help and support. My best regards, Henk. Andrew F. I really do appreciate all your help and time with my account and will happly reccommend whsh4u to others. Regards and thanks, Andrew. Fred L. Thank you Guys.

icecast autodj

I really appreciate. Filippo B. It's perfect. Thanks for all. Best Regards, Filippo.

SHOUTcast - AutoDJ Installer Script [ LINUX ] [ EASY ]

Xenofon V. Thanks again for all this info, you are the only company I have seen that got such a great customer support. Best regards, Xenofon. John H. Thank you for your very quick reaction, it's highly appreciated here.The AutoDJ tab contains options for configuring your stream's autoDJ, if enabled by your stream hosting provider. These settings are only required if you are permitted to upload media MP3 files, etc. The autoDJ tab will differ depending on the type of autoDJ you have selected for your stream.

icecast autodj

Each variation is described in its own section below. This option will be unavailable if your stream is currently online; you will need to stop your stream if you want to change it. Options include:. Disabled If selected, autoDJ support is turned off. This setting is necessary if you plan to use a live streaming source.

Enabled If selected, autoDJ support will be turned on. This setting is necessary if you plan to upload your media to the server and will not be providing your own live streaming source.

Quality DJ Streaming is an Internet Radio Broadcasting Streaming and Hosting Provider

Note that if the autoDJ is enabled, but no media eg: MP3 files have been uploaded, or media has not been added to an enabled playlist, the server will fail to start.

As such, be sure to upload at least one track, and add one or more tracks to an enabled General Rotation playlist, before starting the server with autoDJ support enabled. Genre Specifies the genre for your station. This is informational only and may be displayed to the public. Song title codes If enabled, the autoDJ will include a small tracking code at the end of the song titles shown in your listeners' media players. This allows detailed reports to be generated on the Tracks tab of the Statistics Report page containing most of the information needed to make reports to the appropriate entities for royalty determination purposes.

If this option is disabled, the generated reports may be less detailed and may not contain sufficient information for accurate royalty reporting purposes. Crossfade length When crossfading is enabled, specifies how many seconds of the end of a track are blended into the beginning of the next track. Crossfade fade-in When crossfading is enabled, specifies the duration of the fade-in for the next track in seconds. Decimal values eg: 0.

Crossfade fade-out When crossfading is enabled, specifies the duration of the fade-out for the current track in seconds. Crossfade mode When crossfading is enabled, specifies how tracks are blended together during a crossfade.

Normal When selected, a standard crossfade algorithm is used in which the current and next track are crossfaded per the fade-in, fade-out, and length values. Smart When selected, a "smart" crossfade algorithm is used in which the perceived loudness of the last few seconds of the current track and the first few seconds of the next track are used to determine the optimal method for the crossfade.

In theory this should result in a better-sounding crossfade, however in practice depending upon the media being streamed the "Normal" crossfade mode may yield results closer to what most listeners expect to hear. Apply replay gain Enable to use the replay gain values if any stored in the MP3 files to normalize the volume of the audio stream.

This may be useful to avoid dramatic per-track changes in volume when using MP3s from different sources. Crossfade style When crossfading is enabled, specifies how tracks are blended together during a crossfade.Follow LiveWebDJ.

All administration of your station is easily done using your web browser. Intuitive, smooth, drag and drop user interface Optional accessible interface for the visually impaired Broadcasts to any of the following media servers: Shoutcast version 1 Shoutcast version 2 NEW!

Track silence trimming feature optional can help eliminate gaps between songs. Easy uploading of your songs and other media Adjust the volume higher or lower for media, voice tracks and dj broadcasts separately Separation Rules Make sure that songs are not repeated too frequently Set artist and song title separation separately Override global separation rules per-playlist Twitter. Tweet track titles directly to your Twitter account TuneIn.

Synchronizes your station's track titles with your TuneIn. Support desk where you can get help from another human. We can recommend iCastCenter. These are the only four browsers that fully support the new web standards we are using at this time. Please note Adobe Flash Player is only required at this time for voice tracking functionality.

Upgrade Pricing: Standard upgrade pricing applies.

icecast autodj

Open a ticket by clicking here for bundle pricing.Banda Garantita su tutti i server controllati e certificati. Pannello di controllo Azuracast VPS incluso nel prezzo. Un server potente ed affidabile per la vostra radio sul web. Scopri le differenze tra Azuracast e Centovacast sul nostro articolo.

Seleziona i tuoi files mp3 dal pc e caricali direttamente sul tuo server. Crea le tue playlist in maniera veloce ed efficace. Avrai a disposizione diversi tipi di playlist:. General Rotation : Suona durante tutto il giorno, in ordine casuale assieme ad altre playlist standard, basandosi sul loro peso.

Scheduled : Suona in un lasso di tempo pianificato. Once per x Songs : Suona esattamente una volta ogni x brani. Utile per sigle e jingle. Once Per x Minutes : Suona esattamente una volta ogni x minuti. Utile per promemoria temporizzati. SHOUTcast 2. Player HTML5 incluso nel prezzo.

Statistiche Avanzate e Report Completi. Controlla sempre in tempo reale gli ascolti dal tuo pannello di Controllo. Avrai a disposizione diversi tipi di playlist: General Rotation : Suona durante tutto il giorno, in ordine casuale assieme ad altre playlist standard, basandosi sul loro peso. Ordina Demo VPS. Acquista Ora.Broadcast your own podcasts, sermons, lectures, worship services, or just music live or by automated recording.

You owe it to yourself to look at our plans and services. What sets us apart from the others is high quality without the high pricing! Don't buy unnecessary software that you only might use on occasion. Ever want a music file from YouTube or SingSnap and couldn't get it? This script allows you full control of your station webpage. Built in player with pop out, DJ profile page, schedules and much more!.

View Details. Purchase this professional template for your own existing website, or buy your domain and hosting plan today View Details. Now you can create your own web page s with our built in web builder. Are you considering becoming an online DJ? Do you want to broadcast live - start a podcast? Do you want to broadcast your sermons or lectures? Your choice of control panel. Centova v3 or WHMSonic v2.

Embedded music players customized colors on request. Unlimited Bandwidth on all plans Compare our prices! Also, we have a top of the line support ticket system and a very in depth knowledgebase for self help. We can also be contacted via Skype qualitydjstreamingor by email. Just know we are here to help you. Our also servers have security features that exceed many of the competitors, offering your music files the desired protection and provides We also provide detailed instructions with photos and videos on our setup page and in our Knowledge base articles that will get you up and running in no time!

All you need to do is upload your files, create a playlist and start streaming. You are able to upload music files from within the software or use a FTP program. Upload your music and voice files, create a playlist, and your stream plays. When you want to broadcast live using a broadcast programAuto DJ fades out and the live stream begins.

When finished broadcasting, or disconnected, the Auto DJ fades back in. We have a superb tech department with a staff that is highly trained and with has a broad background and years of experience. I cannot get over the high quality of my stream! I had some problems getting things set up, but the great support I received was great! They had me up and going fast.

One of the greatest needs in our research is better pricing for churches and religious organizations. Check our prices out and compare. We have a top of the line ticket support system, a vast knowledgebase with hundreds of articles that include photos and videos with step-by-step directions for self-help.

We have toll free phone support USA and Skype. Our servers have security features that exceed many of the competitors, offering your music files the desired protection and providing user a great streaming experience.

You upload your music files to your cloud server, create a playlist and start streaming.You seem to have CSS turned off. Please don't fill out this field.

ICEcast GUI is a icecast streaming server interface which allows radio stations to effectively broadcast audio online this is known as webcasting.

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It is powerful and stable, meaning you can throw all of your internet radio traffic at it without having crashes or other problems. Audio listeners can access the stream through any live MP3 supported media player. ICEcast has mountpoints meaning and automatically transferes listeners from the Auto DJ to the Live stream and back again without needing to manually turn anything on or off The UI is intended to ease the work with any icecast server on a windows environment providing also the ability to register the server to some important radio directories like openradiodirectory.

Icecast server is released as free software maintained by the Xiph. Icecast Server 2. Please provide the ad click URL, if possible:. Help Create Join Login. Operations Management. IT Management. Project Management. Services Business VoIP. Resources Blog Articles Deals.

icecast autodj

Menu Help Create Join Login. Home Browse Icecast Server 2.

SHOUTcast 2.6 VPS - ICEcast VPS - Auto-DJ • Azoto Solutions

Add a Review. Get project updates, sponsored content from our select partners, and more. Full Name. Phone Number. Job Title. Company Size Company Size: 1 - 25 26 - 99 - - 1, - 4, 5, - 9, 10, - 19, 20, or More. Get notifications on updates for this project. Get the SourceForge newsletter. JavaScript is required for this form. No, thanks. Features mp3 aac and ogg streaming support channel autostartautoconnect abitility to restart the stream autoregister to 2 radio directories icecast enabled kastor dsp source client included stream server.The Online Radio Experts!

We use only the top rated datacenters, all using the latest in cloud technology and dependability, which is key with online radio. More About My Auto Dj. Our servers are located at various datacenter locations across the world including New York, London and Tokyo. Our Support Department is available when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week! Your package will be set up instantly upon payment and package email with detailed server information such as server ip address, port number and password will be sent out immediately.

You can start out small and upgrade as your station grows. You'll have the option to change your resources instantly disk space, listeners quota, mountpoints, accounts. We pay our affiliate partners top dollar with recurring monthly payments for the life of the account, Get your custom affiliate link in your client area. My Auto Dj's Award Winning Support Department is here to assist when you need us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, free to both clients and guests!

Gb Mp3 Space. Kbs Bitrate. Instant Set-Up Your package will be set up instantly upon payment and package email with detailed server information such as server ip address, port number and password will be sent out immediately. Amazing Website Builder Create a website for any type of business Unlimitedtextads. Ads by unlimitedtextads.

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